Lauri Astala (FI): Rome Dérive II

| Category: Installation

During a dérive in the Eternal City the Artist finds a scenery which always remains the same, while still being tinted by perpetual change.


Generally, urban space is a place for arrivals and departures, a flow of non-returnable moments. The notion of the Eternal City all too easily creates an image of a static, even massive and heavy, permanent place. In these works Rome appears light and unattainable, changing and amorphous. It is a City passing by and streaming around you, its fixed points forever growing dim.


FINNISH VIDEO artist Lauri Astala’s (b. 1958) work draws on phenomenology as he studies human experience and perception from an objective point of view, thereby detaching them from common and scientific views. He uses scientific models as a basis for his work, but at the same time he tries to make us realize that the basis of science isn’t scientific – it’s philosophical. Astala opens our minds to the way we perceive our surroundings by creating videos of the effect that the elements such as sunlight, shadows and wind have on the way we experience architecture. Works like these have the power to make us see ourselves seeing

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