Video Jack (PT): AVOL

AVOL is an energetic and nostalgic interactive installation that allows anybody to become a DJ/VJ.


AVOL (Audio-Visual OnLine) is an audio-visual project that allows the combination of virtual objects to create an integrated sound and image experience. It also aims to explore new ways to access and interact with music.

The user can manipulate 7 objects, that correspond to 7 different types of sound. For each object, there are 4 sound and image options. Therefore, there are 28 different modules, and numerous possibilities of combination.


VIDEO JACK are illustrator, designer and animator André Carrilho (b. 1974, Lisbon, Portugal) and programmer, DJ and musician Nuno Correia (b. 1972 in Porto, Portugal). Since 2004, Video Jack have pushed the boundaries of VJing, incorporating in-house applications, exclusive digital interactive animation, live footage, live information feeds, video games, audience interaction and other innovative digital solutions. Video Jack also direct videos, DVDs and design interactive visual solutions for events.