Marko Timlin (DE): A project: A room: 13 days

Sound and music - always in motion. By the end of this Festival we will know how we perceive such diuturnal tonal changes.


“A Project: A Room: 13 Days” is both a sound installation and composition for 4 individual loud-speakers. The loudspeakers are constructed by Timlin of: coil springs, a washing machine, a large plastic tube and several metal sheets. Each loudspeaker is visually as well as acoustically unique. The basic idea was to create speakers that add their own peculiarities to the sounds they diffuse as well as react physically to the sound material they receive.

The duration for this musical composition/installation is 13 days which corresponds to the total duration of the Cartes Flux3 Festival, commencing at 6 pm on 6.5.08 and running until 3 pm on 18.5.08. A graphical score especially made for this installation allows the progression of the music to be followed.

This music itself, created and controlled by Pure data, is always in motion. The musical parameters of this composition are constantly being modified, by micro-changes, these modifications are carried out in such a slow manner that they cannot be clearly heard in detail, but surely perceived. This process could be compared to the slow growth of a plant, although we cannot see it grow it is visually apparent it has grown. Ergo: these micro-changes of computer data resemble an organic life-form, which maintains its overall form, but is in a constant state of transformation. The screen shows the constant computations causing these changes. Here the audience witnesses a process visually happening right now and right there.

…the beauty of drones accompanied by hums, creaks, and rattling ::: colourful postcards on the white doors of my wardrobe ::: the liberating experience of loosing the sense of time ::: offering alternatives ::: things have to be experienced, not learned ::: escaping your own mind ::: how much does 157 grams of happiness weigh? ::: cleaning one’s ears is like cleaning one’s mind ::: the non-contradiction between order and chaos…

LAUNCH OF THE COMPOSITION: 6.5. at 18.00 during the Opening of the Cartes Flux3


MARKO TIMLIN (b. 1973, Karlsruhe, Germany) is a sound artist, composer, and musician. He regularly performs all over Europe. During his concerts he improvises with self-made sound devices using amongst other things solar panels, torches, ultra sonic sensors, neon bulbs and coffee grinders. He also collaborates with various visual artists to create audio-visual artworks. > The basic concepts of his sound installations take information from the physical world either to control computer programs or to convert computer data into physical motion. > Marko Timlin is currently studying at the Centre for Music & Technology within the Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland.