Notions of perception, time and subjectivity are central to all art, where traditionally the visual arts have been understood as spatial and music as a temporal. Audiovisual new me- dia art proves this division to be problematic. It permeates the division of perception and allows us to build our perception anew. In this new setting the subject becomes a mecha- nism to articulate time and space entwined. Although perception is always subjective, here the awareness comes forth as techno- logically mediated, ”coloured by technological lenses”. A spectator looking at an artwork becomes simultaneously exposed to it. Within the new media this exposure may deepen into immersion, as the audio-visual scene also surrounds the spectator with moving sounds and imag- es. Through this the mechanism of perception is brought to a new level, where the attention of the spectator becomes enhanced, exceed- ing the natural perception. Being located on the converge between art and science, new media art is privileged to map out the myriad of possibilities for points of concurrence.

This convergence also benefits both of these worlds as the Artists of new media constantly employ and develop new tools and philosophies in order to realize as well as convey the unforeseen, and as such accelerate the fine-tuning of technological development together with the experience of the spectator within the art of the present.


Within the present Festival the majority of the artworks are either fully digitally modelled or the audiovisual material has been treated in a way that would have not been possible with- out the digital means. In order to bring forth a more complete spectrum of the happenings of the current new media, the Festival also includes some more traditional film or video works, executed within the last few years, where the attention deals more with the ex- periments of the narrative form than experi- menting with the new technologies. This year we also decided to include the angle of partici- patory new media where the interaction with the artwork becomes further enhanced.

We wish you a warm welcome to the CARTES FLUX3 !