Cartes Flux 2011 is an international Festival of New Media Art. Festival programme consists of short films, installations and performances chosen by professional jury. Programme includes also artist talks, an open lecture and a workshop. The Festival takes place 18th-23rd of October in Espoo and Helsinki. Free entry and no age limits.

No Accreditation needed: all entrances free of charge. Please contact Suvi Alanko 040 5375303 (suvi[at] until 14th October, after that phone) for personal Artist interview requests.

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Picture from the pre-exhibition. Work in picture: Ping Pong Rocking Chairs


Illuminated Lakes
Interactive installation by Tomi & Mikko Dufva depicting the history of water quality in finnish lakes. The installation displays phosphorus and nitrogen concentrations in four Finnish lakes since 1976 showing the impact of humans.



The Zoanthroid by Felix Hardmood Beck is a kinetic object with origins in evolutionary biology and media technology. Metallic replicate of an organic entity. Its tuning-fork like tentacles are raised and lowered in organic movements to lull approaching prey.


OOOO is an animation installation that presents a spectacle of dance using motorized thaumatropes-a pre-cinematic animation device. OOOO is made by Canadan artists Amélie Brisson-Darveau and Pavitra Wickramasinghe.




LOG IN is built out of animated, used bank code cards. Number combinations are striked out by hand after they are used for the access. Drawn line discloses human presence. One bank code card with 80 numbers is repeated in the work in seven various sequences. Work contains 16 different cards in total. LOG IN has a structure close to music: it contains rhythm, pattern and repetition in which variations of the same theme appear and disappear. Logic of the numbers vanishes sequence by sequence. Number material loses its significance through endless repetitive pattern. Number zero or blank canvas wipes away past and the future leaving only the actual moment. How do we seize time and our presence in it? (picture is of Tanja Koljonen)


FLE5H0.1 is a dance performance that breaks the traditional boundaries between the performers’ bodies and space through a playful exploration of form, colour, sound and space.





MindBox is an audience reactive video-and music triptych and can be operated with the lever and buttons of a modified one-armed-bandit. (slot machine) Originally created as a stand alone media installation singing songs from the swamps of Casino Capitalism & Total Body Control the ‘MindBox’ turned out to be an intuitive audio-visual musical instrument, which seems to break barriers between players, performers and audience. Based on the H.RP concepts (Humatic Re-Performing) the media slot machine allows for musical re-interpretation of sounds and images giving access to expressive parameters while preserving the character of the pre-recorded performance material. The player can let the instrument autonomously generate variations but take over the audio-visual & musical control at any time while staying in a consistent and continuous flow.

Ping Pong Rocking Chairs
Pong is one of the first computer games ever created. Ping Pong Rocking Chairs is Pasi Rauhala & Matti Niinimäki´s version of the game tradition. This interactive installation consists of 70’s furniture that is modded with modern technology to work as a game platform. Old rocking chairs have built-in motion sensors, which move the bats in the game. Two spectators sit in the chairs, swinging the bats to play the game visible on a television monitor.

More about the artist: Pasi Rauhala’s website, Matti Niinimäki’s website

About the original game:

Abstract Livecoded Machinima (Missile Command)
A perfectly good computer game is progressively destroyed, it’s shapes and sounds re-programmed in front of you. Livecoding is programming as thought process, writing a program as it runs. Machinima is the use of game engines to make film. (12:02 min, 2008, Finland)



Wish You Were There?
Wish You Were There by Tomi Knuutila is an interactive voyage through the world. Wish you were there? is an interactive photo- and a phone-booth that puts the phone caller in a virtual postcard.



The infra-red room
The infra-red room is a light installation built from optical/mechanical devices and lit objects. The light used is infra red, meaning that it can not be perceived by human eye, but a CCD of a digital camera ”sees” it. Cell phone cameras are most suitable for this purpose since they often don’t have an infra red filter. Therefore most of us have the key for this ”coded” installation in our pockets.







Digital Enhancement

Digital Enhancement” is a sound installation consisting of an electrified Symphonion Brevet No. 28, a synthesizer, an amplifier and four headphones. The Symphonion musical box dates back to the beginning of the last century and its mechanical workings are combined with digital technology to convert it into a MIDI sequencer. The original programmed music, embossed on steel plates, can be played on the synthesizer, which is programmed to mimic the sounds of the Symphonion.

More about the artist: Martin Bircher’s website

Music Radar
Music Radar is a multimedia installation that enables the user to create and experience music in a new interactive fashion. The music created by the spectator is visualized on a wall next to the table by showing exploding firework-like effects. Again, the style of the effects depends on the sounds that are played at the specific moments.


For those who see
In research of ours senses the installation ‘for those who see’ shows the beauty of the unseen. The impulse of sound creates a vortex air ring‚ invisible, as the sound itself. Only fog is demonstrating this aesthetic phenomenon. Individually released to the air, in the short moment of their appearance, our visual perception connects the single rings to patterns, surfaces, symbols or bodies.



Press Releases

17.10. tiedote:Huomenna alkavan uusmediataidefestivaalin teokset kokeilevat uusia teknologioita” (docx) ja  (pdf)
14.10. tiedote: “Festivaaleilla taide ottaa kantaa ympäristöön” (docx suomeksi)
6.10. ennakkonäyttely: “Menneisyyden nostalgia kohtaa uuden teknologian Docx

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