Cartes Flux vol1

Espoo Cultural Centre, Louhisali, Tapiola 9.3.2006 16-21

Welcome to the Cartes Flux vol1!

Cartes Flux new media film festival is proud to present the first public screening at the premises of Espoo Cultural Centre, Louhisali in Tapiola, Finland.

After the screening of this festival, with the kind permission of the participating Artists, Cartes Flux DVD vol1 is set to be shown around the world, through cultural institutes, film festivals and other public screenings.

This program consists of digital film shorts from Finnish and International Artists. Among the selection of short films there are many premieres for Finland which include a film by Jean Dupuy, a visionary of the early art and technology movement he was also prominent in the ‘Experiments in Art and Technology’ (E.A.T.) in New York during the 1960s. To bring the current new technology with the old, Cartes Flux also gives the pedestal to younger creators. Although this program is intended for all ages, special attention has been given to make this festival especially geared towards a younger audience.

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